Sunday, March 7, 2010

fuck you foxtel

Its official.

I wont be turning my tv onto all the cool channels that Foxtel offers.

Why ? Because my building apparently is not wired for it. What the fuck does that mean right? That's what I asked my self.

The apartment building I live in is relatively new and everyone I ask tells me that 'Oh I am surprised you are not set up for foxtel'. Well I am not. So I Cant have it. No matter how many times I cry and whine about it.

Then someone told me about a loop hole - you can call them up and do a custom installation just for my self. So I did - I am told I need authority from the building management. I told them that's doable.

They tell me it could be anything between 500-1500 Dollars.

Fuck no. Not gonna happen.

SO I now enjoy the poor mans foxtel which is SelecTV. Pretty much all the channels foxtel has - with poorer quality and no SPORTS channels.

Which is basically like a wasted erection.

So foxtel can stuff it.

Ps- for those of you who don't know - foxtel is a monopolising cable service whore in Australia

Friday, February 26, 2010

who are we

Someone who will often refer to themselves in the 3rd person in the plural.

As you may have gathered I am a Sri Lankan who lives in Australia.

If you are Sri Lankan you might not know there are other cities in Australia apart from Melbourne- there is. And we moved to one of them - Sydney.

They had a cool bridge which was good enough for us.

This blog is about our life here.

We will write about the Bridge and the that sail boat building thing next to it. We will tell you all about bogans and racism.

We promise to boldly not go where brown men have gone before in Australia. Because we don't want to get stabbed.

See you around and enjoy the ride